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Jaleel Law P.C.

1600 Golf Rd #1200, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

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As the guiding force of Jaleel Law, I want to assure you that our firm is indeed dedicated to standing as a pillar of strength within the realm of Criminal Appellate Law here in Illinois. Our mission? Simple but significant - to provide exceptional representation, fiercely protect your rights, and score victory in appeals within the Illinois court system. My journey stretching over 15 enlightening years in the legal world has offered me the privilege of representing you, the people of Illinois. And it's in this journey, that I have garnered an array of successful appeals, and with it, recognition from esteemed legal institutions - a testament to my firm's commitment and credibility. Journeying through my career, my past role as an Illinois appellate prosecutor provided me with a unique perspective. I have learned, firsthand, to study a case from all angles - a beneficial skill that helps in building an unshakeable appeal in the court of law. And this, my dear clients, is what brings me great pride and confidence in saying: Choosing Jaleel Law is like choosing peace of mind and having a safety net to protect your freedom. Our firm's experience in reducing sentences, effectively challenging a ruling, retracting a guilty plea, and most significantly, making winning appeals in the Illinois court system, is what makes us who we are. This is our promise to you, and we are more than ready to represent you and fight for justice.

Law Offices of Hannah Garst, P.C.

121 S Wilke Rd #301, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Azhari LLC

3601 W Algonquin Rd #716, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Phone: (847) 255-2100


When you're ensnared in the tangled web of the legal system, whether it be a recent arrest or a pending criminal charge, the ally you need by your side is an accomplished attorney with a proven record in managing your specific type of case.

Azhari Law offers just that – and more. Meet Sami Azhari, a seasoned attorney who operates not merely to represent, but to champion clients. His commendable performance within the legal fray boasts of successfully reducing, dismissing, or outright dropping a wide gamut of charges for numerous clients. In a world where a burglary case isn't equivalent to a prostitution charge, which in turn diverges from drug possession rules,

Azhari stands an expert navigator, enthusiastically battling the stormy tides of the legal system. He productively advocates for defendants facing manifold charges, ensuring they get the results they desperately desire. Azhari's vast experience unveils itself as a lawyer of hope when you're embroiled in a grim situation of being slapped with multiple charges at once. This is not rare – as the legal system often presents challenges in the form of complex, stacked charges.

Imagine landing in a physical altercation. You'd likely face assault and battery charges, two separate offenses as per Illinois law. But a weapon's involvement could also sling you into a weapons offence case. Moreover, if the altercation involved a personal acquaintance, the grim possibility of domestic violence accusations looms over you too. Suddenly, you're not merely looking at an assault charge but an intricate puzzle of multiple legal issues. That's when an expert like Azhari steps in. Equipped with seasoned expertise and strategic wisdom, Sami Azhari unravels the knotty complexity of charges, making sense out of chaos. So, when you're weathering the stormy seas of often unpredictable litigation, count on Sami Azhari, your trusted companion who'll navigate you safely through, buoyed by his experience, knowledge, and dedication.

Rush Criminal Defense

980 N Michigan Ave Suite 1400a, Chicago, IL 60611

Glasgow & Olsson

1834 Walden Office Square #575, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Luisi Legal Group

1231 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622